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Mike DeCapite interview by Nicholas Clemente

Nicholas Clemente, author of the novel Martin & Hannah, interviews Mike DeCapite here.

Ben Tanzer’s This Podcast Will Change Your Life, with Mike DeCapite

Mike DeCapite had a great time talking with Ben Tanzer on Ben’s This Podcast Will Change Your Life.

St. Mark’s Church New Year’s Day Marathon 2023

Sundown Bar: Friday, September 23, 8 p.m., with Reid Paley and CC Carana

Mike DeCapite will read from the September section of Jacket Weather at Sundown Bar (68-38 Forest Ave., Ridgewood, Queens), on a bill with CC Carana and the Reid Paley Trio, at a record-release party celebrating the vinyl reissue of Paley’s Lucky’s Tune.

Queens Public Library Zoom Reading & Discussion

Mike DeCapite will read from Jacket Weather and discuss the book with hosts Jacper Karecki and Matthew Allison on Thursday, April 28, at 4:00 ET.


DeCapite in Brooklyn Rail

Novelist Drew Hubner interviewed Mike DeCapite about Jacket Weather in the March issue of Brooklyn Rail.

Jacket Weather in LARB

In Los Angeles Review of Books, Jack Skelley puts Jacket Weather on a list of recent novels that fall under the category of what he calls new narrative, in “The Descent of Autofiction . . . and the Rise of the Thrill-Seeking Industrial Complex.”

Jacket Weather in The Spirit/Our Town

Mike DeCapite speaking Howl

photo by Nathaniel Siegel

Check out Zach Weg’s piece about Mike DeCapite and Jacket Weather in The Spirit (Upper West Side) and Our Town (Upper East Side), two neighborhood papers in New York.

Mike DeCapite interview in Cleveland Review of Books

Shawn Mishak, of the band Kid Tested, gave Mike DeCapite some room to roam in this interview for Cleveland Review of Books

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