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Available Now: Creamsicle Blue

Manifesto? Mini-novel? Creamsicle Blue finds Mike DeCapite walking around New York City, thinking about love and time and death, while trying to quantify life’s elusive substance.

“Im excited about this form. “Creamsicle Blue” is as close as I’ve gotten to the kind of thing Ive always wanted to do.”

Mike DeCapite

From the book:

“Overnight the year turns rainy cold. I’ve been waking up early. Four o’clock, three. I’m restless with the season. A change of season wakes me up to myself. I do a little writing. Half an hour. I want to get in and get out. What’s the hurry? I’ve got something to do at this hour? Today I catch myself just sitting here in the dark, listening to the ongoing, whispered language of winter, primally familiar as though I’ve got my ear to a shell. Or maybe it’s the BQE out the open window. Maybe now the season’s changed, I can screw a cap on this thing I’ve been trying to write for months and even years . . .”